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White Kitten
  • Your cat’s stay includes food, bedding, litter & treats. If your cat is on a prescription, specialist diet or food we don't stock you will need to bring this from home. 

  • When making a booking, if you require a room other than the standard size please request this on the 'Any additional information' section. 

  • We charge by the day, which includes arrival day and departure day and have a minimum charge of 3 days, so if you want to book just 1 or 2 nights the charge will be for 3 days.

  • We are happy to keep in touch via email or social media to let you know how your cat is settling in.

  • If your cat is on medication, we will administer it according to your vet's instructions.  

  • Please read our terms and conditions.

  • A supplement of £14.00 is charged each day, per pen for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day


Please note, due to increasing costs 

There will be an increase of 7% from the 1st of November 2024

Tel. 0113 2825984

mail -


Royds Cat Hotel Closure Dates


Close on 7th January 23 - Open from 10th February 24 

Close on 10th June 24 - Open from 24th June 24

Close on 17th of November 24 - Open from 9th December 24

Close on 7th January 24 - Open from 9th February 24


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