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Our cat hotel is fully insulated and double glazed and each room have their own slim-line panel heater to keep your cats warm during the colder weather and are well ventilated in the summer to supply fresh air to every room.

All of our rooms are much larger than standard cattery pens, and meet the new 5 star higher welfare standards for catteries which were introduced in 2018.
Each room has a raised bedroom area with a variety of comfortable beds, a scratching post/activity tree, a litter tray for each cat, a window with a view and a spacious activity area.
We aim to provide your cat with safe and happy environment at all times. You can bring beds, blankets, toys or anything else that would make them feel comfortable.

We always look after your cat's individual needs. If your cat is timid, elderly, friendly, playful or on a diet, we always happy to give your cat the attention and affection they require, so they can enjoy their stay. Each room is checked four times a day. 

Feeding Newborn Kitten
We always take full details of your cats dietary requirement when you arrive. Meals are usually served twice a day but we can provide up to 4 times a day. If your cat is on a prescription or breed specific diet, or food we do not stock (see below) you will need to bring it with you. We also have a never ending supply of cat treats, if required.

Cat Food We Stock

Dry Biscuits 

  • Whiskas (kitten / adult / senior), Go Cat (kitten / adult), Iams (adult / senior), Purina one (kitten / adult / senior) ,  Harrington's (adult)

Wet Pouches

  • Whiskas (kitten / adult / senior), Felix As Good As It Looks (kitten / adult / senior), Felix Ordinary (adult)  Gourmet Perle (adult), Sheba Fine Flakes & Select Slices (adult)


​We can also administer your cat's medication. Please ensure you give us prior notice and bring the relevant medication with veterinary label attached.

The health and well-being of all guests is most important and any signs that they are unhappy or unwell will be dealt with straight away. We will always contact you or emergency number first and refer them either to your vet (if they are in our local area), or to our own vet in Rothwell. We have an isolation room should it be needed.

We only accept cats who have up to date vaccinations against cat flu and feline infectious enteritis.

Cat Eyes
Cleaning Products

We maintain strict hygiene procedures, the highest standard of hygienic wall cladding and tiled floors to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of infectious diseases between cats. All rooms, soft furnishings and toys are disinfected between each stay, using a veterinary grade disinfectant.

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