Our rooms are 50% bigger than standard boarding cattery pens. Each room has a raised bedroom area and a variety of comfortable beds, a scratching post/activity tree, a litter tray for each cat, a window with a view and a spacious open play & activity area. Each room is a relaxing and light-filled space with cosy nooks that are perfect for cat-napping. We aim to provide your cat with a stress-free, relaxing holiday and ensure your pet is safe and happy at all times.
Our cat hotel is fully insulated and double glazed and each room have their own slim-line panel heater to keep your cats cosy during the colder weather and are well ventilated in the summer to supply fresh air to every room. 
You'll find that as well as being comfortable and welcoming, they are immaculately clean. We have the highest standard of hygienic wall cladding and tiled floors that are cleaned and disinfected between guests. We do not use any fixed upholstery that cannot be adequately cleaned. All re-usable toys, soft furnishings, and bedding are washed and disinfected between guests. 

They have plenty space for furniture and toys, and anything you'd like to bring from home to make them feel comfortable in their rooms. We can provide Igloo type beds for shy cats and we have high climbing shelves for the more adventurous. 


You can to take as much time as you like settling your cat when you arrive, and we’ll help you arrange their room just the way they’d like it.

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