Individual Needs

We'll look after your cat's individual needs. If your cat is timid, elderly, super sociable or watching their weight, we can get to know them so we can ensure all cats have a happy stay.


Each room is checked four times a day and we are always happy to give all our guests lots of attention and affection. In fact, that's part of our job and we think its very important and of course, the most enjoyable!

We feed your cat's usual food. If your cat is on a prescription or breed specific diet, you’ll need to bring it with you. 
Meals are served twice a day, or more often if that’s what your cat needs. 

We can also administer your cat’s medication according to your vet’s instructions.


Please do contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements


We maintain strict hygiene procedures to eliminate the risk of cross contamination of infectious diseases between cats. 


All rooms, soft furnishings and toys are disinfected between each stay, using a veterinary grade disinfectant. 


We only accept cats who have up to date vaccinations against cat flu and feline infectious enteritis

Health & Well-being
The health and well-being of all guests is most important and any signs that they are unhappy or unwell will be picked up on immediately. 
If your cat does become unwell during their stay, we will immediately contact you or emergency number and refer them either to your vet (if they are in our local area), or to our own vet, who is just down the road and on 24 hour standby.